Podcast Pig Welfare in Action - #2: Michael Kakanis

Welfare in Action, ©EURCAW
Source photo: ©EURCAW (©EURCAW)
  • Subject
    Inspections, farms, animal welfare, podcast
  • Target audience
    Welfare inspectors
Michael Kakanis shares his experiences and challenges of almost 15 years of welfare auditing on farms, during transport and at slaughter.

Michael Kakanis is pig inspector and veterinary officer at Regional Unit of Pieria, Greece.

This initiative emerged from contacts with inspectors in the field who described how they would spend many hours travelling to farms for inspections and also expressed a keen interest in both topics of welfare as well as the experiences of other inspectors.

In this series, you will hear inspectors telling their personal stories during inspections of pig welfare, and experts giving insight and knowledge on specific pig welfare topics. Expect inspiration ánd information! The episodes are being hosted by Spotify for Podcasters.

Also to be found at: Spotify and Apple podcasts.

Pig welfare in Action is hosted by Dutch freelance journalist and podcaster Maarten Dallinga.

Introphoto: Pig Welfare in Action (©EURCAW-Pigs)