Benefits, challenges, and practicalities of conducting inspection in pairs

  • Subject
    Practical guide to paired inspection
  • Target audience
    Policy workers, official veterinarians, animal welfare inspectors
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Communication has frequently been identified as a challenging aspect of the inspection process. Inspectors must communicate with economic operators on compliance and non-compliance in accordance with legislation but they are also tasked with explaining the underpinning rationale and background of legislative requirements.

Paired inspection was highlighted as an area that might mitigate some of these communication challenges.

Paired inspection

Based on the ‘Review on Responsive Approaches to Inspection Processes’, EURCAW-Pigs has produced materials to assist inspectors with the communication part of their role, such as videos to complement inspector training. As part of these activities, we suggested conducting inspection in pairs during training and/or everyday inspection.

In the latest guide, EURCAW-Pigs examined the benefits, challenges, and practicalities of conducting inspection in pairs, with a specific focus on farm inspection. However, many of the benefits, challenges, and practical recommendations are applicable to inspection at slaughter and transport.

Introphoto: Inspection (©E. Mc Loughlin)