EURCAW-Pigs Roadshow was held with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

  • Subject
    Roadshow in Denmark, 6-7 June 2023
  • Target audience
    Policy workers, official veterinarians, animal welfare inspectors
More info and sources
EURCAW-Pigs organises physical meetings - Roadshows - to exchange with animal welfare officials of certain EU Member States in 2023 and 2024.

A first Roadshow, in Germany at the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, generated many ideas to support the work of inspectors. The Danish colleagues also held their Roadshow, on 6 and 7 June. In total 10 inspectors, 3 policy workers and 5 EURCAW-Pigs experts participated.

The objectives were:

  • To engage with EURCAW Pig's main target group; persons carrying out welfare inspection on pigs in the herd, during transport and at the slaughterhouse;
  • To get a critical feedback on whether the results and tools produced by EURCAW Pigs are relevant and useful for the inspectors.

Some impressions:

  • Story by an organic farmer who took care of pigs since childhood in systems with gestation sows in stalls and loose housed, and now organic sows on pasture. His view on a sow has evolved....
  • The discussion of ‘what animal is a pig’ triggered a major discussion.

A more detailed summary of the discussions will follow soon. This will be a combined summary of the outcomes of three Road Shows. A third Road Show will take place in The Netherlands on June 28 and 29.

    Introphoto: Roadshow Denmark (©EURCAW-Pigs)