EURCAWs hosted a third meeting with National Reference Centres and Supporting Bodies

  • Subject
    Third meeting with National Reference Centres for Animal Welfare and the Competent Authorities’ Supporting Bodies
  • Target audience
    National Reference Centres, Supporting Bodies, Policy Workers & Competent Authorities
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On 20 June, the 3 EURCAWs hosted remotely the third joint workshop with National Reference Centres (NRCs) and Competent Authorities’ Supporting Bodies (SBs).

The aims of the meeting were to increase collaboration, facilitate knowledge exchange and to get input to the next workprogrammes for the three EURCAWs. In total 42 participants from 15 Member States participated, including 14 members from the three EURCAWs.

At the start of the workshop the EURCAWs presented highlights of their current activities. The next session provided an introduction to two relatively new NRCs for Animal Welfare – Spain (established in March 2023) and Slovenia (established January 2022).

The National Centre Group for Animal Welfare (NCGAW) then led an interactive session. The NCGAW currently comprises six NRCs for Animal Welfare: France (coordinator), Finland, Greece, Italy, Sweden and Spain. The final session of the workshop considered, ‘Ways to Collaborate’ where the EURCAWs presented priority topics that they would welcome collaboration from the NRCs and SBs.

The Report and slides from this meeting are now available.

Introphoto: Animals represented by the three EURCAWs (from slide intro ppt)