New Master’s in animal welfare assessment

  • Subject
    Master’s programme on animal welfare assessment
  • Target audience
    animal welfare inspectors
More info and sources
Aarhus University has plans to develop a Master’s programme on animal welfare assessment, with a focus on official inspectors.

In a press release, Aarhus University asks:

"Would you be interested in an internationally recognised Master’s in Welfare Assessment in Animal Livestock Production? At Aarhus University in Denmark, we are in the process of applying for accreditation of such an education program aimed primarily at animal welfare inspectors. We would like to tell you more about it and offer you the opportunity to provide feedback on how such education should be organised!"

"Are you involved in animal welfare inspection, from training and education to recruitment and administration? If yes, click the GDPR secured link to learn more about our Master’s and give us some feedback on our plans."

Introphoto: ©Aarhus University, Denmark