Developing training tools in communication for on-farm welfare inspection

  • Subject
    Contribution of EURCAW-Pigs to education and training of inspectors
  • Target audience
    Policy workers, official veterinarians, animal welfare inspectors
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On the 30th of October 2023, EURCAW-Pigs held the online workshop ‘Developing Training Tools in Communication for On-Farm Welfare Inspection’ for invited professionals engaged in training of pig welfare inspectors.

Seventeen participants from across Europe ensured lively and fruitful discussions on how EURCAW-Pigs can contribute to improving education and training of inspectors.

During the meeting, EURCAW-Pigs shared insights from ethnographic field work on inspectors’ training needs, presented ideas for use of podcasts for education and introduced the currently available guides and videos to be used at training courses for welfare inspectors.

Thanks to everybody who participated for valuable suggestions for further development and improvement of training material!

    Introphoto: Farmer and inspector (©E. Mc Loughlin)