Report from Roadshow meetings EURCAW-Pigs 2023

  • Subject
    Roadshow meetings with inspectors 2023
  • Target audience
    Policy workers, official veterinarians, animal welfare inspectors
More info and sources
Most of EURCAW-Pigs’ communications ask our target groups to come and find our technical and scientific information. Most of it is still in English. During the Roadshows we are not asking inspectors to come and find us, but instead EURCAW-Pigs will come to find them, and address them in their own language.

In 2023, EURCAW-Pigs organised 3 Roadshow meetings: in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands. The delegates were 10 or more MS officials (inspectors, policy workers, CAs) of the country where the Roadshow is organised. The topics were proposed by the MS, to allow targeted support. They were as much as possible linked to local themes and priorities. The meetings lasted at least one full day, from lunchtime to lunchtime to allow travel before and after the meeting. The programmes included:

  • introduction and update of EURCAW-Pigs activities.
  • presentations on the latest scientific knowledge related to the topics chosen by the delegates.
  • interactive discussions (sub groups if appropriate) on chosen topics.
  • suggestions for future activities or topics for the EURCAW Work Programme.

Previously, we shortly and separately addressed the outcome of each Roadshow. A more detailed and combined summary of the outcomes of the three Roadshow meetings is now available.

Introphoto: Roadshow meetings 2023 (©EURCAW-Pigs)